Save garden space – farm upwards

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A hanging garden means you can have fresh food right outside your door. Babilon is the most affordable method of growing plants vertically, the best way to grow more plants if space is limited.

We bring the ability to grow food to homes with small gardens, or no garden space at all.

Commercial growers can increase the number of plants they produce in the same floor area.

leaf.jpg Perfect for growing salads, herbs, strawberries and more
leaf.jpg For novices or expert
leaf.jpg Grow healthy produce
leaf.jpg Easy to set up and use
leaf.jpg Versatile
leaf.jpg Uses less water
leaf.jpg In-built UV protection
leaf.jpg Affordable
leaf.jpg Fun and interactive
leaf.jpg Grow up to 18 plants in the space of one pot

For your window sill, balcony, grow-tent, rooftop, greenhouse, or poly-tunnel…

Start growing fresh food right by your kitchen door. Setting up is simple and uses very little compost or water. Have a look at this guide to starting your own vertical garden.

Save space in your garden for relaxing in – farm upwards.